The Top 3 Ways To Meet Women

One of the early things I work on with new clients is setting up a specific plan for how they are going to meet new women. Generally, they will use all of these approaches in one way or the other, but bringing awareness to these tends to help a man clarify his specific approach and the amount of opportunity he has day in and day out to meet fantastic women he might like to invite to go on a date with him.

Here they are…

1) In “The Wild”

This is just like it sounds…

Meeting women as you are going about your day… seeing a stranger, getting curious and excited and going over to her and striking up a conversation…

One of the main benefits of this is you have the opportunity to meet just about anyone you see out… sure it’s nerve racking for some, but you can get going with this right away without profile pics or even having to consider a sense of style or really anything… you can allow your boldness and personality to carry through and gain you massive confidence points.

Another benefit that many men don’t consider is that this style of meeting women can fall into a story very much like a romantic comedy where a woman and man both grab the same pineapple at the same time at the grocery store and then make eye contact and then true love blossoms…. Yes it’s cheesy and hokey, but it’s fun! And I’ve spoken with a number of women who secretly fantasize about meeting a man when they’re out at the grocery store or on a walk…

This was one of the primary ways I got going when learning dating… the advantage is getting a lot of experience quickly and learning how to engage with many different people… if you are doing this in a place where the type of woman you like goes to, you stand a very good chance of getting a date by approaching a few women and seeing how things go.

The downside of this approach is that there is an element of boldness and extroversion that seriously helps for this approach. As an introvert myself, I find this approach both exhilarating and exhausting and need a good amount of time to reset if I’m super extroverted for an extended period of time. Additionally, you won’t typically know whether a woman is single when you approach her.

Another downside is the time factor… Do you have the time to go up to a woman, strike up a conversation, and schedule a date? The process isn’t rocket science… In fact, a guy can get a phone number and schedule a date in a matter of minutes, but you’ll need some confidence and flexibility in your schedule to make that happen.

If this is an approach you’d like to take with meeting someone, ask yourself, “Where might I go to meet women that you would like to date and possibly start a relationship with?”

2) Online

This is a common approach people take…

There’s apps and sites specifically for dating and a limitless number of options beyond the common apps and sites that are generally interest specific, like online political groups, Myers-Briggs types, sports interests, religious/spiritual groups… Just about anything!

The beauty of most online platforms is you’re aware that the person is single. You can also approach dating a bit more at your speed, in that you have time between messages to think of what to say next and the whole messaging process and dating invite can be a bit formulaic… to the degree that I at one point had a flowchart that I had clients follow so they pretty much always had a powerful message to send that would move the conversation forward.

You also will have an idea of the woman’s personality and values before ever going on the date.

The downside is that you are so much more than your dating profile! A dating profile is limiting in what you can convey and relies heavily on your photos and how you convey yourself in the description.

There’s a small possibility that you might have a situation where the woman’s photos do not match how she looks when you meet her for a date, but these instances are slim based on personal experience the experience of my clients.

I recommend all of my clients have at least 1 online profile on 1 major site that best matches the type of women they are interested in pursuing a relationship with. I also recommend that my clients observe online dating as a supplement to the other dating approaches rather than the only thing they are doing. This is because online dating involves downtime with waiting for responses and matches, so in some ways it’s much more passive and if you are just waiting, you aren’t dating…

If online dating seems worthwhile for you to try out, ask yourself, “Which dating platform has the type of women I’m interested in?”

3) Your Network

Your network can be a powerful way to meet available women… Your network might include friends, family, classmates, workout groups…

Oftentimes, the people you meet that you get along with will have friends and know someone that you might be interested in… The advantage of the network is that there is some rapport already established because you have similar affiliations.

Now your network also includes people in your proximity… So if you frequent a local gym or yoga class or other type of class, you already have a loose affiliation with these people. A simple introduction and some casual talk about their interests is an easy way to get the ball rolling, and with the appropriate conversational flow, it’s easy to invite someone out on a date from there.

One fun experiment I did with a client in Austin, Texas was joining a kickball league to meet new people… after each game, the team went out for drinks and over the course of the season, we met some really cool women who wanted to date.

If you want to include a networking approach to meeting women, “What clubs or groups or classes or friends can I engage with that I think the type of women I am attracted to will be at?”

Taking that first step

That’s all there is to it… I’ve seen clients get into relationships from each of these 3 approaches… It’s about finding the approach that works for you and best fits with your life…

I had a client with crippling social anxiety who became comfortable meeting women at bars but ultimately found online dating to work best for him, and I had a client who absolutely loved to take breaks from his daily jogs to strike up conversations with the women he passed each day. I had a client who is now a proud father who started dating the woman working the front desk at the gym he went to.

It’s about what suits you and what you ultimately enjoy doing…

And of course if you would like support on your journey schedule a call with me by clicking the button below… I’d love to talk and see if my coaching is right for you…

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