I help successful men get into a fulfilling relationship.

For a man who has it all except for a fantastic woman to build and share a life with, the dating process can be easy and straightforward. It’s about knowing what you want and what is standing in your way.

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What I Do

I work with men to set up a dating plan that fits their lives and what they actually want when it comes to a relationship. I coach them on internal blocks and sticking points, educate them on common dating and relationship topics that they previously were unaware of, and simplify the dating process, so dating is enjoyable and they can get what they really want–a relationship!–in record time.

My Story

Hi I’m Chris. 10 years ago, I was at a loss for how to have a promising relationship. The the thought of never getting to share my life with an amazing woman by my side was devastating and I had to do something about it…

I left a safe corporate job to learn how to succeed with women. Along the way, I had more and more men get curious about what I was doing who wanted to know if I could help them. I started taking on clients and refining my understanding of women and–more importantly–how to get my clients rapid results without having to put in all the time I did.

Since you’re here, I want to acknowledge you for taking a first step to take care of this part of your life.

If you’re ready to finally have a woman to share a life with and you want to follow a no fluff process of getting you there, I’d love you to schedule a call with me where we can get clarity on where your stuck in your dating life and if you would be the right fit for my program.

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